The wanstead park and flats conservation group

The Wren conservation group is a charity open to all ages, it monitors local wildlife and does work to improve the unique habitats of Wanstead Park and Flats. Although it is in London, the diversity of Wanstead wildlife is astonishing. There are over 850 plant species growing in the area, while 130 different birds, 250 moths, 25 butterflies and 10 dragonflies are seen each year. This website will keep you informed about our activities with details of guided walks, meetings, the Newsletter and practical projects throughout the year.

We also have a Wren Facebook page and Wren Twitter account for news and the latest sightings.

upcoming events

  • Saturday to Sunday 20-28 July:

  • National Parks City Festival  An event organised by the Mayor of London in partnership with Redbridge and based on River Roding

  • See Blog page for an account of the Wren Wildlife walk with Green Hands from Newham.


  • Friday 26th July

  • Bat Walk! Mirza Rashid will lead a walk in Wanstead Park to see and hear some of our local bats. Meet at the Tea Hut in Wanstead Park 21-00.

  • Saturday 27th July

  • Spider Field Trip! Led by spider expert David Carr, expect to see some nationally rare spiders. Meet at 10.30 am Centre Road Car Park, Wanstead Flats E7 OEF




whats about

Butterflies and..

July: Now is a good time to look for butterflies and dragonflies. On calm sunny days look for small orange-brown Skippers in areas of long grass, this is a male Small Skipper.

Damselflies and Dragonflies

Around ponds in the Park there are many colourful damselflies and dragonflies dashing about. Above is a perched Broad-bodied Chaser.