Wren, the Wanstead Park and Flats Conservation group, have cancelled all public events until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak. Virtual wildlife Meetings and suggestions for activities continue here

Join the Big Butterfly Count !

 Friday 17 July – Sunday 9 August 2020 

Down your free butterflychart: https://www.bigbutterflycount.org/

There is a video of how to make your sightings and to submit them.

For an introduction to the Butterflies of Wanstead Park and Flats see this video from Tim Harris:


The Wren Recording Area

 A short presentation outlining our local patch and the grid squares to use for recording purposes.

Click on the pdf below:

The Wren Wildlife Recording Area



WREN Conservation Group Virtual Field Meetings

           VFM 12 Discovering Reptiles

                       with Ben Harris


   Sunday 12th July 2020 at 10-30 a.m.

          Free tickets available from:



VFM 11 Which garden plants attract the most bees? with Rosy Rollings

Video link here:



VFM 10 Butterflies of an East London patch

Tim Harris


Video link here:


VFM No 9 Wildlife reports from our patch in East London


VFM No 8 An introduction to Flowers and Insect Pollination

with Tricia Moxey (Naturalist)

See blog page for a video of this talk and discussion with references.


VFM No 7 Identifying and recording Ladybirds

with Helen Roy

See the video of the event below:


VFM No 6 An introduction to the special trees of the Wanstead Area

with local naturalist Tricia Moxey



VFM No 5 An introduction to Damselflies and Dragonflies from Tony Madgwick


VFM No 4 What’s flying around your garden at night? 

An Introduction to Garden Moths

See a video of the Meeting on the blog page