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WREN Practical Work

WREN group members have been out and about working in Wanstead Park. Their first three sessions are on Lincoln’s Island clearing the undergrowth there to allow the Daffodils to flourish in the spring. The final two sessions will be tidying up Chalet Wood allow the Bluebells to flower in all their glory in April/May next year.

WREN Photographic Exhibition 2017

‘Trees in the Landscape’ photographic exhibition at the Temple Our second exhibition is now on display at the Temple during weekend opening hours until early spring. The twenty-one photographs show various aspects of trees in the Wanstead and Epping Forest area, in all seasons from winter snow to autumn glory. Some images show details such as fungi doing its work, birds using nest holes, and spring catkins, and others show the sheer beauty of trees and groups of trees both in a forest and a more urban setting. The exhibition launch was very timely as it coincided with National Tree Week, bringing home the message that trees everywhere are a vital part of the ecosystem and it is essential that we protect them.
These photographs had to be selected from 240 entries and it was heartening that the project inspired so many people to take their cameras, go out there and think about how to take a good picture of a tree.

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