Log Rolling – Getting Chalet Wood ready for the Bluebells

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Chalet Wood - Log Rolling

Pratical work, on Thursday 9th March 2017, to get Chalet Wood ready for the appearance of the Bluebells. Paths through the wood are deliniated by logs to try to prevent people walking on the Bluebells.

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WREN Photographic Exhibition

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The Wren Group's new photographic exhibition, opened on 19th February 2017 at the Temple. It consists of 21 photographs of Wanstead wildlife taken by amateur photographers. The official opening is on Sunday 26th February 2017 at 12:00. Tea and cake will be provided.

Details on the WREN Facebook page

Display of "mystery objects" to test visitors' knowledge of natural history. One is a genuine mystery, being so far unidentified!

Wren Group banner made by Friends committee member Jo Fensome

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Nature Club – December 2016 – Artists at work

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Little tomatoes, mangoes, squashes, holly berries sat on the table in a colourful heap. We tried really hard to paint and draw these fruits and seeds with pastels and paints.

Luckily local artist Anita McCullough was there to give us a helping hand and we painted some great pictures to take home and frame. So we are now promising artists!

We also went on a winter bird search on Jubilee Pond to see what was new and identified no fewer than 16 species, including three kinds of gull, a shoveller, a cormorant, some pochards, and even a great crested grebe. Well done all eight children on fantastic skills.We tried counting up all the water birds – and counting all those gulls and canada geese was challenging. We came to some amazing totals and were rewarded with lots of gold coins as it is nearly Christmas.

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Nature Club – November 2016 – A Rainy Day

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Today it rained ALL morning. We made a giant spider's web with Charlotte in the middle. Then we made leaf art : we rubbed the undersides of dried leaves ( the veins show more on the undersides) to make beautiful leaf skeleton pictures. Then we played Big Bingo. Menuo was a very good caller and Ruduo won the game.

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Nature Club – October 2016 – Autumn Leaves

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What a surprise present today: Ruduo and Menuo brought in the dried up body of a large dead hedgehog! We had a good look at its little feet and its skeleton and spines.

Then we had a rather damp walk across the Flats to see if we could spot any skylarks and collected lots of different shaped leaves on the way. We particularly like the big clumps of Rosebay Willowherb, whose leaves were turning a lovely deep shade of Autumn red. The stalks were taller than us. Apparently some people make tea out of the leaves.Then we made Leafy Lanterns. We stuck our colourful leaves on the outside of jam jars, and made a handle and put a tealight inside. Very pretty if a bit sticky! Seven children today.

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First Pratical Work of the Autumn

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img_3017 img_3019 img_3022 img_3026 img_3031 During the first practical work session of the autumn huge pile of brambles were removed from Chalet Wood to assist the bluebells in coming through in the Spring. Several small froglets rehomed and a large skull with upper part of spine unearthed too.

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Nature Club – September 2016 – Pond dip and Bird Song

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img_5782 img_5777 A lovely warm day again. We listened to some recorded bird songs we were likely to hear around Jubilee Pond like coot and mallard and were pretty good at guessing which was which. We found guessing the swan's song quite difficult! Then we went pond dipping and found a lovely fat leech, lots of waterboatmen and dozens of pond snails. The pond snails had clear sacks of eggs attached to themselves and to pondweed. We also saw some small red-bodied dragonflies called common darters flying around. We had a great time on the swings too. Then we went to investigate the six large mystery holes which have appeared in the little wood by the changing rooms. We will have to do more detective work to find out who made them.....

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Nature Club – August 2016 – Grass Art and Grasshoppers

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5566: Grass art people 5556: Summer flower crown What do you do on a warm dry August morning? You go hunting minibeasts in the long dry grass! We looked especially for crickets and grasshoppers, the Olympic champion jumpers of the insect world. If they were the same size as us they could jump a whole football pitch in three jumps- that's about 30 meters per jump! We tried it ourselves but we weren't nearly as good. We found lots of late summer flowers in the grass and made wreaths for our hair out of bindweed flowers. We made doll figures out of the long dry yellow grass stalks, tied their arms and legs with raffia nad gave them clay faces with mini apples for eyes. They looked like the corn dollies people used to make after the harvest. 8 children today.

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Wanstead’s Botanical Bonanza

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Plants were always going to play a big part in the Wren Group’s quest to find 1,000 species within the Wanstead area in 2016. They have not disappointed. The year got off to a very good start, with many plants in flower in the churchyard of St Mary’s on Overton Drive and around Jubilee Pond in early January. And a wet spring contributed to fine shows of many flowers in May and June, with micro-sites such as the wayleave behind Belgrave Road coming into their own.

The areas that proved the most productive were Wanstead Flats and Wanstead Flats, of course, but within these were some real gems, notably the SSSI and the bank at the west end of the brickpit. Parts of the wonderfully managed City of London Cemetery were excellent also, but the real stars were the Old Sewage Works and the Green Man roundabout – both of which had displays of Bee Orchids in June. The Old Sewage Works also had a few Pyramidal Orchids in July.

Bee Orchid

Other flowers which seem to have a good spring and early summer include Heath Bedstraw, Grass Vetchling and Meadow Vetchling on Wanstead Flats, and Yellow Rattle flowered for a second year running in the SSSI. After a tip-off from Kathy Hartnett, Paul Ferris identified a specimen of Italian Eryngo by Jubilee Pond at the start of August. Where has this, previously unrecorded, plant come from? A couple of months earlier Sharon Payne had identified Sulphur Cinquefoil on Bush Road. Again, the provenance of this specimen is anyone’s guess.

Meadow Vetchling Grass Vetchling

As of the beginning of August well over 400 plants have been noted, including a number of mosses. Many grasses remain unidentified, and many more mosses won’t be recorded until the damp days of autumn. Why not take a look at the linked list and see whether you can add any species to it? Please let us have a note of the location, date and whether the plant was in flower. Salsify

Tim Harris

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Nature Club – July 2016 – Woodlice and other minibeasts

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5286: Making woodlouse homes Did you know that a woodlouse has 14 legs? And that we used to swallow them live to cure a tummy ache? That's why some people call them pill bugs. We did an experiment to find out where they prefer to make their home and found out that they prefer being in the dark and they like being damp too. They are not very waterproof like us and dry up quickly and have shells like lobsters. Like worms they are Nature's Recyclers as they like to eat old decaying leaves and wood. So next time you see a woodlouse, don't tread on it, it is doing a useful job! Then we went round Jubilee Pond which looked very pretty in the sunshine with lots of wild flowers out. We had a go at catching butterflies and other creatures such as crickets and ladybirds with our sweep nets in the long grass. We got a bit hot and thirsty and fed the ducks with some proper duck food pellets. 9 children today.

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